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    Egg calcification issue

    I do agree with Canvas geckos, your female is a bit young for breeding. This species, it is recommended to allow females to reach 3 years of age, to ensure the are done growing. This way their body uses the calcium for growth purposes, not for egg laying. I am glad to hear you are offering UVB...
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    1 fertil?

    Chahouas are not prolific breeders, and it isn't uncommon for a single egg to not be fertile. It happens in many other species, esp virgin females, but it can happen to proven females also. Chahoua do have a spermatheca, which is the organ that retains sperm. There are several breeders out there...
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    What should a terrarium for a chahoua look like?

    Honestly, cork bark and branches. Plants are less important with this species since they inhabit tree hallows in the wild. So cork bark flats, rounds, and cross branches work best for them. Chahouas also do better with additional heat, you will often find them basking under a heat source. UVB is...
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    Lineage and selective breeding

    I’m a firm believer color > collar. For me an animal with a big white collar is nice, but if that’s all it is bringing to the table, it’s bland. I want to see color, contrast, unique pattern, these are what is important to me. I feel often many breeders focus in the high white because let’s...
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    53g Female

    "Prisma Color" 52g female PI out of Rembrandt x Renoir. Will consider trades for other PI chahoua, parent pics required for trades 1600+shipping in full, 1800+shipping on payment plan. Trade value 1800. Delivery to Tinley available
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    For Sale: Unsexed PI

    Bump, Hex can tag along to Tinley!
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    Young ML male chahoua for sale

    Locking this so it stays in place, this individual has been caught scamming individuals using pictures that are not their own, giving false home addresses (using restaurant and non existent addresses). User has been banned. If you wish for more information, please send me a message and i can...
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    For Sale: Unsexed PI

    URBI6 100+shipping on payment plan, 800+shipping paid in full URBI4 500+shipping in full, 600+shipping on payment plan CEPE2 700+shipping in full, 800+shipping on payment plan PYNE5 500 +shipping in full, 600+shipping on payment plan Hex SV 18g no pores $950 plus shipping on payment plan, $850...
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    Jalu vs. Chahoua, PI vs. GT, or are they all just "Mniarogekkos"?

    I think it stems from people see the higher price tag and just assume they are the prettier locale, and couple it with poor keeping and breeding practices years ago caused them to have under bites and more buggy eyes. @Gray Sky Exotics produces some of the most vibrant GT out there, no way to...
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    What are these....

    its a waxy substance they produce to "mark" their territory
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    Terminology: "Super High White" vs. "High White" vs. "White Collar" vs. "White Wings" vs. "Green Collar"

    The top one I still have, he is sitting around 50g now. The bottom pic, Angie aka Mama T's owns now, she has turned a beautiful pin and is the older sibling to the top pics animal. They are out of my pair Bijou x Lilou
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    4 more beautiful newbies!

    This is the other half of the most beautiful box ever from @Dos G'Equis
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    4 newbies to my gecko ranch!

    I received such a beautiful box from Bonnie Lewis of @Dos G'Equis on Wednesday, you will have to check the other gecko section for the other half of the most beautiful box I have ever received!