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  1. ArborealsAnonymous

    Lineage and selective breeding

    My best example of this is my gecko, Mr Bones. I try really hard to get males that are siblings or offspring to amazing geckos because a high end male is surprisingly hard to come by. He is probably the least flashy baby out of ETs pair Padawan and Revan, but I really wanted a gecko from that...
  2. ArborealsAnonymous

    Lineage and selective breeding

    Most of my collection is because i intentionally bought the "ugly" siblings to really nice animals that were in my budget, and I have been pretty pleased with my offspring so far...
  3. ArborealsAnonymous

    For Sale: Female white collar PI chahoua

    Ive decided to release a personal holdback. This gecko has the most solid white collar I have produced so far, top two photos are of the available gecko and the bottom two are her parents. She is currently 32g and definitely a female. She has some stellar genetics behind her as well. For full...
  4. ArborealsAnonymous

    Breeding for size - 70g and above?

    Its called indeterminate growth pattern and is well documented in many reptiles as well as fish and some other things :)
  5. ArborealsAnonymous

    Chahoua Trios? 3-ways? 3 Somes?

    I havent seen anything to indicate sperm retention, and i had two trios last year (both first time females) and two trios this year. One trio I split because one of the girls dropped eggs and looked too skinny, so I wanted to give her some alone time. The other is fine, they all sleep together...
  6. ArborealsAnonymous

    Which calcium supplement(s) do you use?

    That matches the label from mine!
  7. ArborealsAnonymous

    Which calcium supplement(s) do you use?

    I would be very curious to see the new labels, because my old jars (I have a case) don't have that on the label. If you read the comment above yours though, you'll see that they recently changed owners. They have likely changed formulas and depending on what the new formula looks like a lot of...
  8. ArborealsAnonymous

    Breeding for size - 70g and above?

    Genetics play a pretty big role in that, if yours are mainland youre probably right on track for feeding them, mainlands typically stay under 50g.
  9. ArborealsAnonymous

    Breeding for size - 70g and above?

    Ember was 78g as of last week. By spring she will probably be ~84 (thats where she was last spring) and then she looses a bit over the breeding season.
  10. ArborealsAnonymous

    Quarantine, pathogens and parasites in captive reptiles

    I am very curious as to what various keepers use as best practice methods for quarantine and colony health. While it is commonly accepted that new caledonian geckos are simply not susceptible to these ailments, the reality is that they exist wether we acknowledge them or not. I regularly see...
  11. ArborealsAnonymous

    Breeding for size - 70g and above?

    Ive thought about it because I have a massive female (Ember) and a massive male (Applejack) but i just really love the babies that Ember has been producing with Basil and I would rather keep them together. Maybe one of their holdbacks though.
  12. ArborealsAnonymous

    How did you come up with your (hobby) business name?

    So after tinley my BF and I were trying to come up with a name and we like to play word games together (where one of you comes up with a word and the other has to fit in in a catchy phrase), he was trying to focus on the species i currently kept but I wasnt having it because I wanted to get tree...
  13. ArborealsAnonymous

    Chahoua Breeder Directory: Post Your Business Pages & Details Here

    I haven't posted here yet because facebook has gone south, and i didn't have a real website. But now I do! You will find my gecko availability there as well as some of my art and a photo gallery. Its not as complete as my facebook page is as far as...
  14. ArborealsAnonymous

    Is it common for a Chahoua to drop their tail?

    Ive only had one chahoua drop a tail, and it was when the pecan shakers were in my neighborhood- big tractors that shake the trees and it feels like an earthquake for a week solid. I wouldn't worry about it too much, ive shipped lots of geckos and not one has lost a tail in transit.
  15. ArborealsAnonymous

    Pricing and Value Related to Chahoua

    I think if I were selling RTB animals, I would price them at what they could produce in a year. I may price some animals higher than others because, personally, most babies that I produce I would prefer to keep until I can see how their color develops. I hold A LOT of my animals back because I...
  16. ArborealsAnonymous

    For Sale: Beastly high color leachies available

    I forgot to put the link and cant edit posts, so here is the link for all the information on individual geckos...
  17. ArborealsAnonymous

    For Sale: Beastly high color leachies available

    I have an assortment of some outrageously gorgeous leachie babies available, starting at $900 and going up based on how insane the parents are. A sampling of photos below, free shipping if you contact me though this forum only. Tons of information in this photo album, but facebook doesn't want...
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    There has been a lot of recent research on obesity in captive reptiles and I really wonder how much good we are doing in the long run by letting our geckos get so big. I definitely have people regularly comment on the "slimness" of my leachies- and I know leachies are a pudgy species. But...
  19. ArborealsAnonymous

    The Art & Science of Chahoua Pairing

    New caledonia has mild winters! I really, truly don't believe it to be a factor of mild winters- in fact I think that gives those of us in the south an advantage. New caledonia winter nighttime lows are only around 55 degrees. Inside, when i turn off heating for their room in the winter, thats...
  20. ArborealsAnonymous

    The Art & Science of Chahoua Pairing

    So, last year I had one chahoua pair that laid 8 eggs total, 3 looked good when laid, only one hatched to survive. This year I had laid 73 eggs total, and of those only 32 looked good when laid. I am only about halfway through hatching season now, and a significant portion of the eggs that...