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  1. Michael

    Upgraded to PVC for my Collection! (Pics!)

    Hello all, Thanks to those who provided input on my questions about PVC enclosures... it definitely paid off. Last year, I upgraded all of my enclosures from glass to PVC from D.W. Geckos & Terraria and have been incredibly happy ever since. I went from ~13 glass enclosures to 30 PVC enclosures...
  2. Michael

    Contents of Reptile Yolk Sacs?

    I know this is an obscure question, but does anyone know the general contents of a reptile egg yolk sac? I googled around, read a few different papers, but couldn't quite find the answer. Thank you in advance!
  3. Michael

    Mixing Pre-Made Diets: Yes or No?

    I ask a lot of questions about feeding and diets - I always have, and it's been more popular at some times than it has at others. I know we've seen a number of new diets pop up over the last 2-3 years, and I've spent the last ~8 months testing many of them. One thing I keep reading is people...
  4. Michael

    Jalu vs. Chahoua, PI vs. GT, or are they all just "Mniarogekkos"?

    At the risk of completely oversimplifying this discussion, which I know I am doing: Does PI vs. GT or chahoua vs. jalu really matter when referencing our captive animals? How do you confirm or consider such locality or species information? I've done the research and have read almost everything...
  5. Michael

    White Collar Chahoua vs. Green Collar Chahoua

    I know this subject has been discussed at different points, but what are your thoughts on chahoua with white collars vs. chahoua with green collars? Is one more desirable than the other? Why is there a variance? There's a lot to consider here, IMO. From what I have seen, babies who hatch with...
  6. Michael

    How did you come up with your (hobby) business name?

    I know most of us have Facebook/Instagram profiles specifically for our hobby businesses, so I'm curious how you guys came up with the name you used? I thought it would be fun to share. Most of you know that I've had a few over the years... ATL Herps Regal Rhacs Charming Chewies Modern...
  7. Michael

    Breeding for size - 70g and above?

    Hi All, Over the years, I've had a handful of PI chahoua who have crossed the 75g mark, and another few who have been over 85g or so. Unfortunately, I've never intentionally bred chahoua for size but the idea is crossing my mind for 2020 or 2021 because I have a female who just checked in at...
  8. Michael

    Honey - Yes or No?

    I've toyed with adding honey to my homemade diet when I offer it, and I get a fairly mixed response. However, when I offer it to the geckos raw (like off a spoon), they seem to go crazy for it. Has anyone else tried offering honey in some form? What was the outcome?
  9. Michael

    Post them up: Tinley Pickups!

    I couldn't go to Tinley this year, but I was living vicariously through everyone else's social media updates, so I thought it would be good to start a thread of all the new faces acquired at Tinley. Ready... Set... Go!
  10. Michael

    The Art & Science of Chahoua Pairing

    Hi All, I find myself in the midst of my second "crappy" chahoua season - lots of dud eggs, which makes me think my males aren't getting the job done. Females are reliably laying beautiful eggs but they're infertile. Over the years, I've left some pairs together, swapped out others, repaired...
  11. Michael

    Popularity of Blue Tongue Skinks on the Rise?

    I know blue tongue skinks have been around for a long time, but has anyone noticed that their popularity seems to have shot up exponentially lately? Most of them are selling in pre-sale or as freshly hatched babies, and they go fast! What's with the change? What's made them a more desirable...
  12. Michael

    Repashy - What am I Doing Wrong?

    Hi All, A few weeks ago, I purchased many of the mainstream diets with the plan to test all of them with my collection. This included Repashy because I know they've released several new versions over the last few years and I've seen/read some folks share positive experiences with it. However...
  13. Michael

    Pricing and Value Related to Chahoua

    Hi All, When I got into the species in 2009, GTs were ~$250 and white collar PIs were ~$350. Some days, I wish that was still the case! Now it's not uncommon to see high white animals with price tags in the realm of many thousand dollars. As the saying goes, "What's it worth? What someone else...
  14. Michael

    Understanding Underbites

    One of the concerns that hobbyists always have about chahoua is the dreaded underbite, especially as related to Mainland/GT chahoua. "Does he have an underbite?" "Did his parents have underbites?" "Has he always had an underbite?" "Can I fix the underbite?" Over the years, I've seen...
  15. Michael

    Line Breeding - Yes or No, Horror Stories, etc.

    I know this is a sensitive subject, but I'm curious if anyone has any experiences or insight to share around line breeding chahoua. Years ago, I know many folks thought that all of the New Caledonian species were fairly resistant to line breeding, but I feel like those discussions were generally...
  16. Michael

    Popular Baby Food Flavors

    Years ago, feeding baby food amounted to witchcraft among Rhacodactylus keepers, but I feel like at least in the case of Chahoua, it's something that's been more openly spoken about. I have no qualms about the fact that I've fed my collection a baby food-based diet for many years with great...
  17. Michael

    Growth Trends and Adult Sizes: PI vs GT Adults

    Hi All, I have a few thoughts and questions around growth and size with chahoua, and I'd love to have your insight and help. First, how much do your adult chahoua weigh on average, both for GT and PI individuals? I calculated this years ago and came out with an average weight of 46g for my GT...
  18. Michael

    Post Your Oddball Color and Pattern Chahoua Here

    I know we all have at least one: That gecko with a strange pattern, color or collar shape. I'd love to dedicate a thread to all of our weirdos! This is one of mine, Bane. He is 100% Leapin Leachies High White lines, so when I bought him a few years ago, I was really excited to get my hands on...
  19. Michael

    Pine Island Growth Rates at 1 Year Old

    I'd love to get some feedback from folks on how much your average chahoua weighs at 1 year old. There seems to be a huge variance here... some say their geckos are around 15-18g at this age, some say they are 55-60g or even more. I'm also curious if anyone has kept good enough records to show...
  20. Michael

    Best Caging Options for Raising Hatchlings

    I know many of you are already in the midst of baby-palooza this season, but I'm not quite yet. I've been looking at my oldest pair of eggs realizing that pretty soon, they'll hopefully be actual babies. That made me wonder how everyone houses and raises their baby geckos. I've used a few...