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    What Caging Do You Use?

    I've used everything over the years, including rack systems with plastic tubs and rack systems with PVC with built-in lights and vents and plexiglass doors. One nice thing about downsizing is that I'm switching over to all glass, Exo and Zoo Med. I don't have a preference between the two. But...
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    Breeding for size - 70g and above?

    Took me a while to answer on this one but here is Nemo before feeding night. He's lost a few grams since last year during the summer when he clocked in at 92, probably because I feed bugs heavily over summer and don't feed them over winter. He was not fired up in the pic-younger pic on right...
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    hatchling color change over time?

    Maybe this will help. First, chahoua color can change over the span of about 4 years. Your mileage may vary. This girl is a pastel version of her dam, although another sibling-bottom-got the reds from both and a pattern more like the sire. If I knew what all the parents/grandparents looked like...
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    Breeding for size - 70g and above?

    I have Nemo over 90 grams. I'd like to get a big girl to go with him and see how it goes.
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    Mixing Pre-Made Diets: Yes or No?

    I use pangea apricot as a base for most of my feeding. It has a higher fat and protein profile that most of the other non-insect Pangea flavors. I might dress it up with fresh smoothies, or even your recipe or another home-made one, and other formulas to try and change the taste from time to...
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    Leachie Linguine or Chewie Fettucini?

    Makes sense. Something to think about.
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    The Art & Science of Chahoua Pairing

    I've never had a chewie pair that didn't get along (knocks on cork) but then I don't spy on them at night with a red light either. Who knows what I would learn? That's not true for the leachies and cresties-I've had them fight and even kill each other. But the chews seem happy enough for company...
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    Leachie Linguine or Chewie Fettucini?

    Thinking about adding these to the rotation. Has anyone tried it? What are your results? Edit-curious about this one because of the probiotics. Reminds me of the Clarks formula which seems to be hard to find these days.
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    I've never had an overweight chahoua-actually the opposite, I struggle to keep the weight on them all year. But I do see this problem in cresties for sure. But I don't think it is just diet-related. My geckos are all fed on the same rotation and many stay slim on that rotation while others will...
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    Your (Chahoua's) Favorite Feeder Insects

    My chewies do not like worms at all. They look personally offended when I offer them on tongs and ignore them in the cups. For a while, I was getting butterworms during the breeding season and cutting the heads off, but it was tedious and messy and the rewards just didn't seem worth it. I have...
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    Sold Pine Island M. Chahoua Female

    Heather $2200 Pine Island M. Chahoua 2-year-old Female 56 grams Produced by Red Sky Geckos out of BoromirxEirlys BoromirxEirlys pictured in first 2 thumbnails, siblings pictured in second thumbnails, more picture of Heather in the last thumbnails. We accept Paypal and ship through Reptiles2you...
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    Sold Pine Island M. Chahoua Female

    Thistle $2800 Pine Island M. Chahoua 2.5-year-old Female BoromirxEirlys pictured in first 2 thumbnails, clutch mate pictured in last thumbnail. We accept Paypal and ship through Reptiles2you. We will ship internationally but the customer is responsible for arrangement and payment. Shipping is...
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    Ambient temperatures, heat lamps, cooling, etc

    I don't offer heat but for the last winter I added UVB for the chewies and leachies. The leachies will plaster themselves under the lights all day but the chewies seem to ignore it more often than not so far.