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  1. ArborealsAnonymous

    For Sale: Female white collar PI chahoua

    Ive decided to release a personal holdback. This gecko has the most solid white collar I have produced so far, top two photos are of the available gecko and the bottom two are her parents. She is currently 32g and definitely a female. She has some stellar genetics behind her as well. For full...
  2. ArborealsAnonymous

    Quarantine, pathogens and parasites in captive reptiles

    I am very curious as to what various keepers use as best practice methods for quarantine and colony health. While it is commonly accepted that new caledonian geckos are simply not susceptible to these ailments, the reality is that they exist wether we acknowledge them or not. I regularly see...
  3. ArborealsAnonymous

    For Sale: Beastly high color leachies available

    I have an assortment of some outrageously gorgeous leachie babies available, starting at $900 and going up based on how insane the parents are. A sampling of photos below, free shipping if you contact me though this forum only. Tons of information in this photo album, but facebook doesn't want...
  4. ArborealsAnonymous


    There has been a lot of recent research on obesity in captive reptiles and I really wonder how much good we are doing in the long run by letting our geckos get so big. I definitely have people regularly comment on the "slimness" of my leachies- and I know leachies are a pudgy species. But...
  5. ArborealsAnonymous

    For Sale: White collar chahoua hatchling

    This baby is currently 7.8g and has no pores visible under a loupe. From Simba and Nala, asking $1750. Both baby photos taken today.
  6. ArborealsAnonymous


    Has anyone had serious injuries with chahoua before? I havent had that many pairs, but I have never had a fight with any of them. Well this morning when I was doing my rounds, I noticed Hazel had her mouth ajar and when I looked closer, she has a split lip. I know these guys can heal pretty well...
  7. ArborealsAnonymous

    Picture thread: dreamboat pairings

    I like to do this thing where I line up pictures of all my males, and all my females, and then mix and match to dream up next years pairings. Ill put all my boys in this first post, and the girls in the second, and I would love other peoples input on what they think would make cool babies.
  8. ArborealsAnonymous

    Nutrition Breakdowns: Insects, Fruits and more

    Ok guys, I dont know why I didnt share this stuff with you all before because I shared to the leachie folks ages ago. I have a bunch of charts that im going to leave here for you homebrew diet peeps.
  9. ArborealsAnonymous

    Breeding season, start/end info

    So I just want to collect some more data here. I noticed this year that most of my geckos laid a dud clutch before they started laying good ones. I also had 2 girls this week lay single egg clutches when they had previously laid 2 egg clutches. It makes me wonder if my breeding season is winding...
  10. ArborealsAnonymous

    How to establish boundaries as a breeder without being a jerk

    Ok, so this is a rant about frustrating things that potential buyers do, while also trying to come to reasonable solutions. I get people ALL the time that message me saying they are "interested" in a specific gecko and then ask me 5000 questions. This morning, a guy was interested in 2 different...
  11. ArborealsAnonymous

    Sold 56g female available

    This girl hatched September 16, 2018 and is already 56g. She is not power fed, in fact she only gets crickets once/week and smoothie once/week- she is just a big girl. The first several photos are of her fired in various stages and a then two photos each of her parents. She should have amazing...
  12. ArborealsAnonymous

    Gut loading insects

    What are your gut loading regiments? What ratio of dusted/undusted insects do you use? Do you alternate dusting with calcium and a multivitamin? Tell me about your supplementation practices please. Ill start: I only feed my chahouas twice/week- once a smoothie, and once crickets. Babies and...
  13. ArborealsAnonymous

    Picture Thread: 2019 Babies!

    First babies from Ember and Basil have arrived! 4.2g and 3.8g out of the egg.
  14. ArborealsAnonymous

    Egg cutting

    How many of you cut eggs? I have not yet cut a chahoua egg because of my experience with my very first clutch of chahouas. The first baby hatched out (105 days) super fast and was moving around in the incubator a ton (I have a camera set up in my incubator, it was the middle of the night but it...
  15. ArborealsAnonymous

    Egg incubation time

    We know there is somewhat of a correlation between incubation temperature and duration, but has anyone else noticed a correlation between egg size when laid and incubation duration? Am I the only one that weighs my eggs when they are laid?