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  1. Gray Sky Exotics

    RTB male PI Tremper lineage

    2 RTB male PI Tremper lineages $950 ea + shipping
  2. Gray Sky Exotics

    I have 3 you may like; it won’t let me upload pics in this message so I copied the link to the...

    I have 3 you may like; it won’t let me upload pics in this message so I copied the link to the geckos pics/details.
  3. Gray Sky Exotics

    For Sale: High red/orange striped gargoyles

    I have a couple left that are posted above, and a few addition ones on my iHerp page. Is there a particular stripe coloring or base coloring you are looking for?
  4. Gray Sky Exotics

    For Sale: Chahoua sale through 10/19

    sale runs Oct 14-19 5.3.4 PI & 1.0.6 GT available; pay in full $100 off, or payment-plan $50 off Due to unexpected medical expenses this fall, I am needing to move some geckos. Additional photos, DOB, weight & lineage available on my iHerp page, or Message me.
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    For Sale: High red/orange striped gargoyles

    A few of the available 2019 gargoyles: 2019-KF#4 female 2019-TB#3 unsexed 2019-TB#4 male 2019-PB#1 male 2019-BN#1 unsexed 2019-S-L#6 unsexed
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    For Sale: Young PI & GT female chahouas

    PI female juvies - Klaudia (produced by Tony Terradas) / Yuri (produced by Nimmer's Herps) 2018-KY#1 $800 + shipping 2018-KY#2 $850+ shipping GT female juvie - Chlöe (produced by Black Panther Reptiles; Steve Cemelli) / Sergio (produced by Rusty Miller; high red Troeger line) 2018-CS#2 $800 +...
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    Hatchling size

    Mainland - babe #1 & 2 Incubation: 117 days Temp: 27-28’C Hatch weight: 3.8g & 3.7g Mainland - babe #3 & 4 Incubation: 106 days & 107 days Temp: 26-27’C Hatch weight: 3.2g & 3.3g
  8. Gray Sky Exotics

    For Sale: high end unsexed 2019 gargoyle babes

    2019-HW#1 $400 + shipping 2019-HW#2 $425 + shipping Sire: Whitewalls (L) / Dam: HarleyD (R)
  9. Gray Sky Exotics

    Terminology: "Super High White" vs. "High White" vs. "White Collar" vs. "White Wings" vs. "Green Collar"

    Their coloring baffles me sometimes as they can look like a completely different gecko fired vs unfired:
  10. Gray Sky Exotics

    sphagnum moss substrate

    With the addition of sphagnum moss in the Chahoua enclosures this year, the girls seem to prefer laying in the moss over laying in their plants or on their corkbark.
  11. Gray Sky Exotics

    Deepest darkest secrets...

    Yes....I want to see them too!!!
  12. Gray Sky Exotics

    Gecko Laying Habits

    Thanks! I just started using the sphagnum moss this spring. All of my chahoua girls seen to enjoy laying their eggs in it. None have laid eggs on their corkbark this year, so far 🤞🏼🤞🏼
  13. Gray Sky Exotics

    Egg cutting

    I’ve never had to cut a chahoua egg yet, but I do cut at least 1 gargoyle egg per season. Actually had to cut a gargoyle egg this morning; it was conjoined twins that died overnight in the egg (their shared heart/lungs were outside the body). The clutchmate hatched big & healthy 5 days prior...
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    Gecko Laying Habits

    Caught Klaudia trying to be sneaky about laying her eggs at the front of her enclosure:
  15. Gray Sky Exotics

    Gut loading insects

    I feed every 3rd night, refills as needed inbetween, & offer dusted crickets 1-2x week to those who want them. Gutload with carrots, apples, pears, left over Pangea, & any diet brand the geckos refused to eat (nothing goes to waste).
  16. Gray Sky Exotics

    What age do female Chahoua start laying eggs?

    I usually pair my girls with similar aged/weight males once they are around 1.5yrs. Of those pairings, the girls seem to wait 6-9 months before they start laying.
  17. Gray Sky Exotics

    Hatchling size

    Good question! My first clutch should hatch within the next week, so I’lll post an update then.
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    Eurydactylode - housing groups

    I current house my argicolae breeders in groups of 1.1 or 1.2. But since I have way more males than females right now, I house adult males in groups of 3.0 & 4.0 without issue in 16x16x18” enclosures. Does anyone else house groupings of the same sex? If so, what’s your max grouping size &...
  19. Gray Sky Exotics

    Incubation temperatures and gender

    I usually incubate mine between 77-79’F.