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  1. Gray Sky Exotics

    RTB male PI Tremper lineage

    2 RTB male PI Tremper lineages $950 ea + shipping
  2. Gray Sky Exotics

    For Sale: Chahoua sale through 10/19

    sale runs Oct 14-19 5.3.4 PI & 1.0.6 GT available; pay in full $100 off, or payment-plan $50 off Due to unexpected medical expenses this fall, I am needing to move some geckos. Additional photos, DOB, weight & lineage available on my iHerp page, or Message me.
  3. Gray Sky Exotics

    For Sale: High red/orange striped gargoyles

    A few of the available 2019 gargoyles: 2019-KF#4 female 2019-TB#3 unsexed 2019-TB#4 male 2019-PB#1 male 2019-BN#1 unsexed 2019-S-L#6 unsexed
  4. Gray Sky Exotics

    For Sale: Young PI & GT female chahouas

    PI female juvies - Klaudia (produced by Tony Terradas) / Yuri (produced by Nimmer's Herps) 2018-KY#1 $800 + shipping 2018-KY#2 $850+ shipping GT female juvie - Chlöe (produced by Black Panther Reptiles; Steve Cemelli) / Sergio (produced by Rusty Miller; high red Troeger line) 2018-CS#2 $800 +...
  5. Gray Sky Exotics

    For Sale: high end unsexed 2019 gargoyle babes

    2019-HW#1 $400 + shipping 2019-HW#2 $425 + shipping Sire: Whitewalls (L) / Dam: HarleyD (R)
  6. Gray Sky Exotics

    sphagnum moss substrate

    With the addition of sphagnum moss in the Chahoua enclosures this year, the girls seem to prefer laying in the moss over laying in their plants or on their corkbark.
  7. Gray Sky Exotics

    Eurydactylode - housing groups

    I current house my argicolae breeders in groups of 1.1 or 1.2. But since I have way more males than females right now, I house adult males in groups of 3.0 & 4.0 without issue in 16x16x18” enclosures. Does anyone else house groupings of the same sex? If so, what’s your max grouping size &...
  8. Gray Sky Exotics

    For Sale: Mainland sub-adult female

    Rosa - mainland sub-adult female $1000 + shipping (Fired down pic; parents are red & red/green)
  9. Gray Sky Exotics

    For Sale: RTB 1.1 PI siblings

    Gruber - RTB male PI $900 + shipping Greta - RTB female PI $975 + shipping