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  1. Dos G'Equis

    Jalu vs. Chahoua, PI vs. GT, or are they all just "Mniarogekkos"?

    Lolol..... it most definitely is both! no one want to see the market decline/crash
  2. Dos G'Equis

    Jalu vs. Chahoua, PI vs. GT, or are they all just "Mniarogekkos"?

    You really did your homework, Michael. And all seems logical. But I'm not sure what or how we should proceed. It would be terrific if Bauer would offer an opinion, lol. I'm going to ask Philippe if he could weigh in with his thoughts.
  3. Dos G'Equis

    Line Breeding - Yes or No, Horror Stories, etc.

    Great topic. I have not heard of any attempts, but think it would be interesting.... looking forward to everyone's ideas. What features/ traits/assets would be the desired outcome besides color/pattern.... perhaps size/ structure?
  4. Dos G'Equis

    How many eggs do your female Chahoua lay each season?

    I've only had a few at 3 clutches(6) per year.... haven't been blessed with a 4 or 5 clutch girl yet.
  5. Dos G'Equis

    PI or Mainland, Does It Really Matter Anymore?

    Great post, Michael. I agree that Mainland get a bum rap...I started out with ML and still love that locale. I can't find my copy of Rhacodactylus: The Complete Guide at the moment, but wasn't there something about the number of pores or pore lines being more in number in Mainland specimens...
  6. Dos G'Equis

    Gecko Laying Habits

    Almost all of my girls use their lay boxes. The only thing I can think of is that maybe they were conditioned from being housed in plastic cages with paper towel substrate, so the lay box was a welcomed place... and the only spot with some substrate/moisture. And most laid their first...
  7. Dos G'Equis

    Picture Thread: 2019 Babies!

    Congrats, Erica! I have a kid from Ember. <3
  8. Dos G'Equis

    What's your non-gecko job?

    Retired Navy nurse... so I guess you can say I am a gecko addict/bum these days, lolol.
  9. Dos G'Equis

    Pastel Lines

    Is she fired there, Michael? She's gorgeous! I love that shade. I may be wrong but I think pastel means lighter. I think of pale Easter colors when I hear "pastel". 🔥❤🦎
  10. Dos G'Equis

    To Leachie or not to Leachie... that is the question.

    Hell hath frozen over!!:ROFLMAO:🦎
  11. Dos G'Equis

    Sold NSL RTB female

    Great price too, Melissa!