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  1. Canvas_geckos

    Slight chahoua tail "zig-zag"

    More likely dehydration. Just make sure they have a fresh bow of water in their enclosures at all times, in addition to misting.
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    PI and GT Chahouas

    Also- yes the two locales can be interbred and I’m sure it has happened through the years. These aren’t two genetically separate species— they are just different locales that are found on different islands within New Caledonia. Mixing the two locales won’t produce a “hybrid”, because it is the...
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    PI and GT Chahouas

    Hi there! I keep both GT & PI, and aside from weight/size, there are no other distinguishing physical differences in the locales. My GT tend to max out their weights around 55-60g tops, while my PI tend to be almost double that! This isn’t true in EVERY case, as I do have several PI that are...
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    Egg calcification issue

    Also- two years is too young for females to be paired.
  5. Canvas_geckos

    Egg calcification issue

    have you checked her calcium sacs?
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    Pine Island juveniles

    Unsexed, but the larger one has some pores visible. Complete details on both & can be purchased directly here:
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    Mainland Chahoua specific husbandry queries?

    Hello! I work with both mainland’s & pine island, and except for size there really isn’t anything different between the locales. I have GT that are just as flashy in coloration & pattern as the PI. Babies and juveniles will readily eat any live dusted insects offered, but my adults tend to...
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    Unsexed PI baby

    19g Hatch date- 9-22-2019 Produced out of Loretta (PDV) x Pete (Derek Wong/PDV) 550 shipped (USA) Can also purchase directly here-
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    The calcium sacs are on top of the throat/roof of the mouth though. This looks like it’s on the actual neck
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    Diet comparisons

    Fresh figs, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, nectarines and banana so far have had all great responses. Was going to try kiwi next.
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    Diet comparisons

    I had to cut down the amount of spirulina and change the fruit. Nobody would eat mango
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    Diet comparisons

    I was trying to find Mixhael’s original post of homemade vs premade diets but I couldn’t find it. Around the end of March this year, I started adding homemade diet into the food rotation using the Chahoua Chamber diet posted on their Facebook page (thank you, Michael!). The first two feeding...
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    Mixing Pre-Made Diets: Yes or No?

    I’d like to know, of the people who make the pre-made diets, how many of them actually have nutritional degrees in specific terms of NC reptiles...or are they just guesstimating from their years of keeping these animals. What’s the research say, on wild animals, what percentage of their diet is...
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    Leachie Linguine or Chewie Fettucini?

    Hey so I started adding my chewie fettucini to pange papaya flavor and that got really good feeding response with my crew also. One thing I’m noticing consistently is that the PI I’ve started bringing in, respond VERY differently to the mixed diets. The ones I got from Troy won’t eat any of the...
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    Sadly it won’t let me read this from my mobile device 😥😥
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    What Caging Do You Use?

    For those of you whom have PVC- did you get the ones with screens on top or vents on the back? I’m about to upgrade and am trying to decide which is better. I currently have the screen on top options.
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    Chahoua Trios? 3-ways? 3 Somes?

    Do female chahoua retain sperm like cresteds?
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    White Collar Chahoua vs. Green Collar Chahoua

    Wow so the bottom photo is unfired?!
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    Which calcium supplement(s) do you use?

    Are you guys following that Miner-all is now owned by Backwater reptiles (ugh)? TracyPD posted a recent issue with them shipping bulk supplements in dirty totes.
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    What are these....

    Wow 😮