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  1. Michael


    Hi @ET&L! THis looks very lush and I know that water feature helps maintain high humidity. If I was you, I'd add just a few more thick branches, but other than that, I think you're right on track. How do you manage the live plants? Are they growing well?
  2. Michael

    Upgraded to PVC for my Collection! (Pics!)

    Hello all, Thanks to those who provided input on my questions about PVC enclosures... it definitely paid off. Last year, I upgraded all of my enclosures from glass to PVC from D.W. Geckos & Terraria and have been incredibly happy ever since. I went from ~13 glass enclosures to 30 PVC enclosures...
  3. Michael

    Chahoua cage size

    Hi Erizo, Are your measurements in cm or inches? If in inches, I think you are good to go. If in cm, you will want something a bit larger. I bought my enclosures from D.W. Geckos & Terraria and have really enjoyed them.
  4. Michael

    Breeding season, start/end info

    For me and with a larger collection, it's not uncommon to have a few females lay on the same day... but I would say the timing for clutches can vary as much as 60 days across all females. So, some may lay their first in January, some may lay their first in March. And for me, it's usually...
  5. Michael

    Drinking from water dish

    Hello! I think what you have done so far is probably fine... I have used bioactive enclosures like this before and my geckos still drink water off leaves, and I also offer a water bowl that I've seen them use many times. For that reason, I'd still plan to include a water bowl. Show us some...
  6. Michael

    Extra horny 9 year old male chahoua

    This is great! I'm glad he..... settled down? Haha.
  7. Michael

    Extra horny 9 year old male chahoua

    First of all, LOL. Thank for for sharing... this story gave me a chuckle. Do you have any female geckos as well, even if they are another species? Cresteds, Saras, Leachianus? It seems like he is picking up the scent of a female from somewhere, so I'm curious where it might be coming from...
  8. Michael


    Yeah, I do not think these are calcium sacs... that looks to be more problematic. Does this "growth" expand and then contract? Is it that size all of the time?
  9. Michael

    Diet comparisons

    Interesting! What fruits are you using that work well?
  10. Michael

    Sold 2.1 PI Chahouas

    Nice ones, Bryan!!
  11. Michael

    Contents of Reptile Yolk Sacs?

    I know this is an obscure question, but does anyone know the general contents of a reptile egg yolk sac? I googled around, read a few different papers, but couldn't quite find the answer. Thank you in advance!
  12. Michael

    Chahoua X Crested Gecko Hybrids

    I haven't seen or heard of a combo like this, but it's an interesting thought.
  13. Michael

    Mainland/GT Appreciation Thread!

    They are beautiful. Welcome, Ron!
  14. Michael

    Diet comparisons

    Sweet - thanks for sharing! Out of curiosity, what ingredients did you add or change? :)
  15. Michael

    For Sale: 5 PI Chahoua available

    Really nice, Mike!
  16. Michael


    Damn, Timber is a stunner!
  17. Michael

    Premature females laying eggs..

    She is not... I bought her at about 10 months old, so she had been here for about 5 months when she dropped those eggs. She is now gaining weight and growing like she was before, so I'm hopeful that she will be ready for the 2021 season.
  18. Michael

    Lineage and selective breeding

    Lovely female! In my experience, you definitely have a better chance of getting what you're after if both parents express those traits... I think this is more closely tied to white collar than anything, because color can be all over the place. However, there are those random instances where you...
  19. Michael

    For Sale: Unsexed PI Juvie

    I have an Archer x Nishikori offspring and can't say enough good things about this pair!