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  1. tipotexasgeckos

    1.1 RTB PI Chahoua

    I am looking to make room for this next year! This is a Male/Female pair RTB (not proven yet). The Female is 62g and the Male is 65g. I have line info for both will post links to Iherp below for pictures! These pictures are quick candids, so they will look even better in person! Looking to get...
  2. tipotexasgeckos

    PI 10g kid up for grabs!

    This kid is developing beautiful red and greens with all that pattern! Combine that with a beautiful collar and you have an amazing gecko! This kid was produced by Gekkonidazed Geckos Zandar x Maritza! I am asking 900 + shipping. Please message me for a quote! I take paypal...
  3. tipotexasgeckos

    What fruit diet are you currently feeding your chahoua?

    I make my own food and add in a little pangea :) I find that mine like the home made diet the most!