How did you come up with your (hobby) business name?


The Chahoua Chamber
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Atlanta, GA
I know most of us have Facebook/Instagram profiles specifically for our hobby businesses, so I'm curious how you guys came up with the name you used? I thought it would be fun to share.

Most of you know that I've had a few over the years...
  • ATL Herps
  • Regal Rhacs
  • Charming Chewies
  • Modern Dinosaur Herpetology
  • Modern Dinosaur Geckos
I've always enjoyed alliteration and coming up with something catchy, so that was a big part of Regal Rhacs and Charming Chewies.

Regal Rhacs happened before I wanted to focus on Chahoua, and was still keeping Cresteds and Leachianus.... then, naturally came Charming Chewies. It's funny to me how many people still remember this name and think of my name and "Charming Chewies" right after.

After having the species for a few years and realizing that my collection and intentions were becoming more serious, I thought "Charming Chewies" sounded too playful and I wanted to switch to something more serious sounding. So that set me off on a period of thinking about what I was really passionate about - and what types of things drew me to these geckos in the first place. What I came up with was my affinity for dinosaurs from a young age, and the fact that geckos remind me so much of the dino figurines I played with as a kid. So that's how "Modern Dinosaur" was born... Herpetology was too wordy, so I just switched to "Geckos."

How about for everyone else?


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So after tinley my BF and I were trying to come up with a name and we like to play word games together (where one of you comes up with a word and the other has to fit in in a catchy phrase), he was trying to focus on the species i currently kept but I wasnt having it because I wanted to get tree monitors and some snakes too so I said "arboreal" and he started joking about how i should start a reptiliholic support group because i have a problem and then we both said "arboreals anonymous" at the same time, so that was it!