Mainland Chahoua specific husbandry queries?

Jeffrey N.

Chahoua Egg
Hi guys, this is my first time posting here. I've been researching the husbandry of the Chahoua for quite a while as I'm very interested in owning one. This would be my first herp. I know that Cresties and Gargoyles are recommend for beginners but if you obviously take into account Chahoua's need for more insect protein, calcium supplements, UVB and larger enclosure size; it mirrors the husbandry of the other New Caledonian geckos. I have access to a breeder that breeds Mainland Chahouas. I was just hoping if any experienced owners here can offer insight on their size (length and weight compared to Cresties and Gargoyles), general behaviour (I'm well aware that oddballs and outliers exists), best method of feeding live insects and how long u should let ur UVB light on in the enclosure? I'm mainly attracted to Mainland Chahoua because of their personality, appearance, general tolerance to handling and larger size compared to Cresties and Gargoyles. I plan on setting up a bio active set up. This is the URL to the bioactive set up:
Thanks for your time if u are reading this.


Chahoua Egg
There’s a special place in my heart for mainlands, the first few chahouas I ever bought we’re mainlands. I think they’re a bit under appreciated, only because a lot of people like the flashiness of pine islands (e.g. white collars, high reds, etc.). I have a few mainlands that are red and orange in color, they are beautiful animals. They are smaller in weight compared to pine islands. Mine vary from 50g to 60g. For feeding, they consume dusted dubia’s like savages, never had a problem feeding them. Lastly, my light cycle mimics that of New Caledonia. Every week, I get on a website and figure out dusk/dawn times and then program my lights. Because seasons are different here (I’m in NC) than there, I’m currently mimicking October weather in New Caledonia. This is a great forum to be on, there are quite a few knowledgeable people here. Hope this helps!



Chahoua Hatchling
Hello! I work with both mainland’s & pine island, and except for size there really isn’t anything different between the locales. I have GT that are just as flashy in coloration & pattern as the PI.
Babies and juveniles will readily eat any live dusted insects offered, but my adults tend to ignore everything except crickets. For my babies & juvies I offer dusted Dubia & works in a bowl, but crickets are released into the enclosure to stimulate their natural hunting response.
I feed my entire crew a fruit based liquid meal on day one, leave it in there on day 2, remove on day 3 and they all get live insects on day 3. Repeat.
I don’t currently offer UVB and haven’t done so the past 2 years, but will be incorporating it this fall. It’s not required but I’ve heard they do benefit from it.