Upgraded to PVC for my Collection! (Pics!)


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Hello all,

Thanks to those who provided input on my questions about PVC enclosures... it definitely paid off. Last year, I upgraded all of my enclosures from glass to PVC from D.W. Geckos & Terraria and have been incredibly happy ever since. I went from ~13 glass enclosures to 30 PVC enclosures in the same amount of space. On top of that, not having to rely on slide off tops and going to front-opening doors makes the amount of work on 30 PVC enclosures easier than it was on 13 glass ones!

Here is the final result:

I have found a few other upsides with these:
  • They hold humidity better than glass with screen tops
  • They provide a more secure feeling for the geckos
  • They're easier to clean... poop and food comes right off PVC but has to be scrubbed off glass
  • They're much more space efficient
  • They look SIGNIFICANTLY! more professional and streamlined

Overall, really happy with this change and highly recommend D.W. Geckos & Terraria: https://dwgeckos.com/

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awesome 10 of 10. lot of money on feeding station 🙂 you have to update us
more of your breeding pair’s and up growers🙂 pleas