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I do not know what happens but I this second clutch same female and only 1 egg is fertile and the other egg looks 100% normal and not going bad in the incubator. what might be the problem do you think? can it be something with the male? poor sperm production or something with the female? this make me think that chahouas does not save sperm production if only 1 egg becomes fertile and not the other hmmm .. or what do you think? or is this common? regards


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Chahouas are not prolific breeders, and it isn't uncommon for a single egg to not be fertile. It happens in many other species, esp virgin females, but it can happen to proven females also. Chahoua do have a spermatheca, which is the organ that retains sperm. There are several breeders out there who do not house a pair for an entire season, instead pairing the male, then moving him in with another female, to get his genetics pasted along to multiple females.