For Sale: Great selection of 50+ Crested Geckos

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Over 50 great Crested Geckos up for sale! Wide variety of ready to breed males, females, and juveniles/unsexed of almost all color morphs available.

***Additional photos can be seen here***

***Photos of the parents/breeders can be found here***


#M34 $350 Marmot x Galaxy 51.1 gram MALE
Nice big boy with a lot of pattern and great genetics ready to go!

#3 $750 PJ X Frenzy 36.8 gram FEMALE
A fantastic red pinstripe female from a very clean light yellow pinstripe male bred to a red pinstripe female very similar to this girl.

#7 $500 Yeti X Sunkist 43 gram FEMALE

****SOLD****#11 $600 Toulouse x Twerp 32.9 gram MALE
Really love this guy! Exceptionally clean with lots of pattern and from a pairing that consistently produces white spots and great pinstripes.

#12 $700 Yeti X Splitz 35.75 gram FEMALE
Gorgeous nice yellow and cream pinstripe from awesome parents

#17 $600 Marmot x EmJay 33.45 gram MALE
Another exceptional male, check out that pattern!

#21 $550 Yeti x Topaz 32.95 gram MALE

#31 - $250 - LW2 x F4 - 5.6 grams - No pores visible/ Possible female

#33 - $200 - LW2 x F4 - 5.55 grams - No pores visible

***SOLD***#34 - $300 - Pongo x Fetti - 4.05 gram - Male

***SOLD*** #39 - $500 - Mr. Clean x Ladybug - 4.95 gram - Probable Male

***For additional information, more photos, and all crested gecko availability here's our photo album***

If you are interested in purchasing any of the available geckos, please contact us via PM here, on our facebook page, or e-mail us at: PLEASE INCLUDE THE GECKO # and the pairing you're inquiring about in your message.

****PAYMENT PLANS ---->>: ----$400 minimum order! ----(minimum order can be reached by adding in $60 shipping) ----A 25% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit (Of the full amount) MUST be made before any of the geckos will be held!--------Payment in FULL must be received within 30 days of the initial deposit!---- PAYMENT PLANS <<---- ****

A few other notes: All of our New Caledonian geckos are fed a variety of the Repashy CGD and Pangea MRP foods, and supplemented with crickets occasionally

****Shipping is a flat rate of $60 ****

We do our best at loupe sexing each individual gecko. If we see obvious pores, or the development of pores they are marked as possible, probable, or male depending on size and pore development. If no pores are seen and the gecko is between 5-20 grams, we list them as possible or probable females depending on their size/age. With the variability in size, and weight in which animals develop pores and hemipenal bulges, we simply cannot guarantee the sex on animals under 25 grams****

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions, and as always, Thank you!
~The Gilpins
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