Overproducing female


Chahoua Egg
I've got a female PI from large parents in the 90 gram range that started producing eggs frequently at a small size (45 grams or so) early last year. After 3 consecutive infertile clutches, she was obviously not stopping, so I paired her with a male and started getting fertile eggs. I got 4 hatchlings from her last year and 8 or more duds (didn't keep good records of the infertile eggs, so not sure exactly how many) which already sounds like more than most females produce. She stopped producing over the winter when temperatures dropped, but went right back at it in January and I just found my 10th egg of the year from her today. Not surprisingly, she hasn't grown much with all this production and remains in the 40-50 gram range. What is surprising to me is that she is producing a clutch about every 6 weeks and not showing any severe symptoms. At worst, she's had a wavy tail immediately after dropping a clutch and she obviously looks thinner at that point, but always bounces back very quickly. I actually couldn't even tell she dropped this 5th clutch of the year until I saw the eggs-her condition isn't even noticeably different after this much production in a short period of time. It's as if she's genetically predisposed to high reproductive output. None of her eggs have been undercalcified and none of her hatchlings have had underbites or any other symptoms that might be expected of offspring from a depleted female. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I've got 4 other females larger than her now with the same husbandry that I'm maturing before pairing up. None of them have produced infertile eggs at all, so I don't believe it's anything environmental or husbandry related that's caused this one girl to start pumping out eggs so early and often. I've never heard of any other cases like this, so wondered if this was a unique situation or not?