Still born baby (?)


Chahoua Egg
Back in August my Chahoua laid an egg that displayed some snowflaking patterns and it was actually lopsided (see first pic). Surely enough, mold started growing after the first week, but I brushed anti-fungal powder on a weekly basis. Even with the powder, it was difficult to keep the mold at bay likely due to the snowflaking.

I decided to cut the egg today (about 107 days old) and there was what seemed to be a fully formed baby but it was dead 😥. I am so bummed.

From what I can tell the baby does not have an egg tooth. Did I cut too early though? The baby didn't exhibit any signs of life but I am wondering what I could've done. How can I tell if I cut too early or if it died prematurely in the egg?

I've been reading previous threads on this forum on cutting vs. not cutting but I am bummed either way 😞


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