Violent behaviour when pairing

SuperFly Geckos

Chahoua Egg
When pairing up new pairs I'm always cautious and watch them carefully, usually on a Friday night so I can stay up late and watch for any trouble. Usually goes well with the male doing his head nods and then nothing else. I rarely catch them in the act. However I have 1 pair that I have separated a couple times but I wanted to see if anyone else had the same experience. I put both chewies into a new neutral tank and after a few minutes the female goes after the male biting him. They end up locking jaws on eachother. Never seen this before but I have heard of leachies doing this as a test for the female to find a strong male. Anyone else ever experience this with their chewies? I separate them after I see this as it looks violent but I wanted to see if anyone has ever had this and left them together if it was just a test for the female.